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The Opus Centre works closely with industry partners to develop and deliver training, workshops and presentations that suit employer needs.  The below events are available for all audiences to attend however if you would like to book training or workshops for your workplace we would love to hear from you. 

You will use this information again and again, so be prepared to take lots of notes

Karly Henry – Senior Advisor – Wellbeing

NSW Department of Communities and Justice

I would recommend all business leaders, WHS professionals and government inspectors enroll in this training.

I liked the fact that it was practical and examples I could relate to were used.  It was also full of exercises… everything I wanted was actually covered in detail.

Alexis Wray – Assistant Director Psychosocial


I highly recommend this training which guides participants through the scientifically validated steps to identify and understand psychosocial hazards at work, assess the risks and put in place practical actions to improve psychological safety for everyone. I came away full of ideas and inspiration. A much needed addition to the ubiquitous physical safety interventions.

Brenda Haycroft – Wellbeing & Employee Experience Specialist 

Chisholm Institute

23-25 November 2022 – NSCA Psychosocial Risk Management Masterclass

Workplaces need to understand and effectively address these emerging psychosocial risks and hazards. This masterclass will provide you with the evidence-based tools and knowledge to confidently take action to create a more mentally healthy and safe workplace.

Dr Tessa Bailey

22 August 2022 What Works in Workplace Wellness – Meeting Obligations with Evidence Based Strategies

Legislation is now playing catch up, with new standards, codes of practice and regulations for psychosocial risk management appearing around Australia and the world. What does it all mean and how can we ensure our businesses are compliant? In this presentation Dr Tessa Bailey will demystify psychosocial risk to help you better identify and manage them to relevant standards within your workplace..

Dr Tessa Bailey

7 July 2022 – Effectively Managing Psychosocial Risks Through the Great Resignation and the New Normal 

With increasing awareness of work-related psychosocial risks, employers are responding by becoming more active in protecting worker mental health and promoting wellbeing. Evaluation of these initiatives can help us understand what works in creating an organisational climate for psychological health and safety that will attract and retain skilled labour while optimising productivity outcomes.  

Dr Tessa Bailey

23 June 2022 – Designing a Psychosocial Intervention Plan for your Workplace 

Dr Tessa Bailey will be facilitating this Interactive Workshop which will explore tools and resources to assess and mitigate psychosocial risk, learn about best practice frameworks for the creation and maintenance of a mental health strategy, and increase understanding about high impact interventions.  

Dr Tessa Bailey

Networking Events

Come along to one of our online networking events that brings together WHS & HR practitioners to share learnings, swap resources and generate ideas to solve workplace wellbeing challenges. Contact us to find out when the next session is running.

Dr Tessa Bailey

21 July 2021 – AGLN Better Utilise your State of the Service Wellbeing results [Recording]

This presentation was recorded for APS Agency registrants that were not able to attend the session.